Close mounting is a way of displaying an artwork with no visible mount. The artwork is first taped to a piece of mountboard of the same size before being placed directly into a frame.

Box frame – float mount – Box frames use a spacer or fillet between the glass and the mountboard to create a void large enough to hang the art without it touching the glass.With float mounting, the artwork is kept in front of the mountboard so it is entirely visible. This is most effective when the edges of the paper need to be seen, such as the rough deckled edges handmade papers

Tray frame – This method can be used to frame works on canvas or on board. It can also be modified for glazing. The edges of the artwork should be neatly finished, and are best painted to the same colour as the mounting board.

Moat tray frame – This method of framing is most often used for canvasses, but can be adapted for paintings on board.

Double Slip Frame – This is a contemporary style of framing, using two different frames, a broad outer frame usually with a neutral narrow inner frame.

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